Entrepreneurship @ FTBI

Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Faculty Entrepreneurship Program

  • Student Entrepreneurship Program

Eligibility Criterion

1. Admission to FTBI is open to :

  • Faculty, Alumni and student of NITR 

  • Technology/ R&D unit of an existing small/ medium size enterprise, industry association or an R&D company who desires to have a close technology interface with NITR

  • Outside Candidates 

2. A company has to be registered with RoC (Registrar of Companies) to be incubated in FTBI 

3. Interested participants are necessarily required to go through the induction round.

Forms for Incubation

  • Form 2A : Pre Incubation Form

  • Form 2B : Registeration Form

Incubation Policy and Policy Objectives

The goal is to promote technology based entrepreneurship and thereby facilitate practical application of knowledge for the welfare of society . FTBI wishes to facilitate the creation of ideas and inventions that benefit society. To this end, FTBI has adopted this Incubation Policy to provide guidance and management structure to facilitate development of entrepreneurship.

Procedure guideline document for admission to FTBI here:

The document outlines the policies and procedures for the operational matters related to FTBI. It covers the following processes:

  • 1. Eligibility in detail

  • 2. Admission procedure

  • 3. Infrastructure and Services provided to Incubatees

  • 4. Period of Incubation/ Exit

  • 5. Intellectual Property evaluation

  • 6. Seed funding

  • 7. Periodic assessment

  • 8. Consideration

  • 9. Conflicts of interest

  • 10. Disclaimer

  • 11. Agreements

The policy is subject to periodical review and amendments. It will be the responsibility of the companies admitted to FTBI to update themselves from time to time on amendments in Incubation policy and procedures. FTBI reserves the rights to make an exception of all or any of the terms of policy for a particular company or a promoter on a case to case basis

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