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Startup Portfolio


Mr. Amiya Kumar Samantaray

Ms. Akanksha Priyadarshini

Mr. Natraj Sahoo

Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd

Company Profile:

Phoenix Robotix brings in technologies such as things network-IoT and Big data to build a comprehensive ecosystem for smart cities empowering governments, administrations and decision makers to make better data driven decisions, making cities smart, safe and sustainable thus improving the lives of people and citizens inhabiting them and also helping industries meet their compliance requirements and cities to achieve their sustainable development goals through sensor nodes and data analysis


Aurassure: Aurassure is highly engineered to utilize the power of Big Data and IoT to precisely monitor the levels of pollutants present in the air. Aurassure offers the latest state of the art technology for a wide range of ambient applications.

 TraDe GPRS : IoT Infrastructure is created by a multitude of IoT enabling devices installed at the pivotal locations of Industries & Smart Cities. One such IoT enabler is the TraDe GPRS which enables remote monitoring of different parameters using GPRS technology.

 DATOMS® Provides a unified platform for integration of multiple devices, various protocols and soft wares, in turn reducing the dependencies of various departments and simplifying communication complexities of process, manufacturing and discrete industries



Mr. Anurag Mishra
Mr. Mrityunjay Sharma

Estinno Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

Estinno Energy is one of the foremost manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, traders, and retailers an extensive array of Solar and AC LED Street Lights.To design its products, Estinno Energy use top quality input factors.


Its products are appreciated for their features like easy to use, damage resistance, smooth finish, sturdy design and lightweight. Additionally, these products are offered to clients in various standard sizes as well as in customized options.


Product offered range consists of best grade

  • Solar LED Street Lights

  • AC LED Street Lights

  • AC LED Flood Lights

  • LED High Bay Lights

  • LED Constant Current Driver

  • Solar Home Light Kit

  • Integrated Solar Street Light

  • High Quality LED Light

Contact Details: 



Mr. Abhijeet Sahoo
Mr. Biswajeet kiro

Fastech Fashions  Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

Established in 2017, Ovotees by Fastech Fashions quickly gained popularity with people from schools and colleges looking for personalized t-shirts and hoodies. In a few weeks of being in the business, Fastech Fashion’s clientele grew from small local businesses to huge companies, both in India in abroad. In no time, Fastech became the go-to brand for everyone’s needs. From trendy to tacky one-liner t-shirts and hoodies, Fastech Fashions caters to everyone’s clothing needs. We deal with t-shirts and hoodies. We also provide printing solutions to graphic designers looking for printing their own clothing.


Vide range of customized products offered by Fastech Fashions consists of:

  • Tees , Hoodies, Ethnic Wear, Sports Wear, 

  • Customised Aprons

  • Bags

  • Caps

  • Formals

  • Uniforms for : schools, colleges, corporate, restaurant, hospitals , industries, etc.


Mr. GVV Naga Vamsi Krishna

Mr. Kusmi Vamsi Krishna

Mr. Omprakash Patra

Mr. Raviteja Cherukuri

Awalk Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

Founded in 2017, We focus on delivering products and services that shapes the better tomorrow for people and the environment. In this world of automation, Awalk brings the technology of automating the house, a smart street lighting system and a significant personal security and health care wearable device.


EcoSmart aims to reduce unnecessary electricity usage of street lighting by having different power saving modes like, light based, presence based and time based scheduling for on/off control. In addition, individual control of lights is possible with this product. It also comes with fail safe mode, which will take care of light in the event of system failure.

Saisha, Smart Home system enables you to control all your electronic appliances from your smartphone. This product also improves home security with intrusion detection and also helps you manage the power consumption of your appliances. We offer Home Automation Services to our customers based on their interests and needs.

SecuWear is a standalone wearable band, which can monitor user’s vitals, Air Quality, Physical impacts and quickly respond to any accidents by notifying their loved ones and alert the emergency services for a swift action hence help saving valuable lives.


Smart Valves - enhancing valves manufactured by Natraj Iron and Castings, essentially producing smart valves for the smart water network.

Smart Starters: IoT driven solution for contactor less motor starters and tank level controllers.

Control systems: Control systems for IoT infrastructure

Solar Hardware Design and testing of solar hardware for street lighting

AwalkStore A one stop store for electronic components required to build your project at a reasonable price.

Product Development

Product Launchpad

Technical Support

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