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Bench Drilling Machine

What is Fab Lab?

Fab Lab - Digital Fabrication Laboratory, is a place where anyone can make (almost) anything, using digital design, 3D printers, laser cutting and other advanced technological means.In its essence, Fab-Lab is about turning ideas into a reality. All planning, design, production and fabrication processes are done in one place, to create one unique product. All you need to bring with you is an idea, and  Fab-Lab supplies the tools and the guidance to bring it to fruition.In the “old world”, production was thought of as something that is done only by professionals. Factories were seen as busy, dangerous places for the inexperienced. Most of all, each product was duplicated by hundreds, if not thousands.Fab Lab, production is a personal process. Modern tools enable individuals to turn their ideas into reality, even downloading products from the internet and personalizing them, whether as an original gift for a loved-one, or as a prosthetic for the disabled.

Item Requisition for Start-up: 

Fab-Lab Resources

Machine Booking

Professional Circular Saw.jfif

Circular Saw

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Compound Miter saw.jfif

Compound Miter saw

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Double-wheeled bench grinde

Double-wheeled bench grinder

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Heat Gun.jfif

Heat Gun

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Jigsaw.jfif


50.00 INR / hour

Professional Mini Grinder.jpeg

Mini Grinder/Mini Cutter

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Planer.jfif


50.00 INR / hour

Professional Power tools Division.jfif

Power tools Division

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Random orbit Sander.jfif

Random orbit Sander

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Straight Grinder.jpg

Straight Grinder

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Table Saw.jfif

Table Saw

50.00 INR / hour

Precision Measurement.jpg

Precision Measurement

50.00 INR / hour

3D Sense.jfif

3D Sense

50.00 INR / hour

Professional Blower.jfif


50.00 INR / hour

Bench Drilling Machine.jpg

Bench Drilling Machine

50.00 INR / hour

Vinyl Cutter.jfif

Vinyl Cutter

200.00 INR / hour

3D Printer.jfif

3D Printer

200.00 INR / hour

laser engraving machine1.jfif

Laser Engraving Machine

400.00 INR / hour

ESD workstation.jfif

ESD workstation

50.00 INR / hour

pcb milling machine.png

PCB Milling Machine

50.00 INR / hour

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