What is Fab Lab?

Fab Lab - Digital Fabrication Laboratory, is a place where anyone can make (almost) anything, using digital design, 3D printers, laser cutting and other advanced technological means.In its essence, Fab-Lab is about turning ideas into a reality. All planning, design, production and fabrication processes are done in one place, to create one unique product. All you need to bring with you is an idea, and  Fab-Lab supplies the tools and the guidance to bring it to fruition.In the “old world”, production was thought of as something that is done only by professionals. Factories were seen as busy, dangerous places for the inexperienced. Most of all, each product was duplicated by hundreds, if not thousands.Fab Lab, production is a personal process. Modern tools enable individuals to turn their ideas into reality, even downloading products from the internet and personalizing them, whether as an original gift for a loved-one, or as a prosthetic for the disabled.

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Bench Drilling Machine

The bench drill is a smaller version of the pillar drill. This type of machine drill is used for drilling light weight pieces of material. The example below shows the machine operator drilling a thin piece of perspex. The perspex is held safely in a hand vice which is held in the hand.